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December 10, 2011… that’s the day I first began this post. When the water had just begun to boil…
It’s been steeping for almost one month.

We’ve been looking for a place to live that’s closer to church, for quite some time.
And in the mean time, we are living with my folks.
And they are great.
But we are ready to be a family of four again.

So, we look E-V-E-R-Y  D-A-Y!!!!

And about a month ago, we found, what seemed to be the “perfect home.”
It was in a neighborhood.
East side Cost Mesa, to be exact.
With a HUGE backyard, hardwood floors, plenty of room to play, and entertain, and host parties, and feel like we are back in a house.
Mentally decorating the entire place, I had already fallen in love with it.

And it was almost a done deal, until the owner didn’t return our phone calls, and didn’t return our phone calls, and didn’t return our phone calls…

And when we finally did talk with her, only to learn that she thought our children were a concern {our children, a concern!} Only then did we realize, it wasn’t a good fit. The BEST fit.

… Hot water.

At the time, I knew that in my gut, but not in my address book. If I were truly honest, I’d admit, that having only one bathroom was not ideal,
the decrepit fireplace was a concern,
and the 70’s pool table crouched in the middle of the living room did not make a stellar entertaining buffet.
But I wanted to look past that and be a family, in that home. The home on Flower St.

There’s a peace that happens in one’s soul when you realize there’s something better, something worth waiting for. Whether it be a soul-mate, a job, or in this case, a home, we knew the BEST was out there, now if we could just find it!

… I can hear the kettle singing…

Our affair with Craigslist began again. A realtor friend offered up-to-the-minute rental listings. Scouring the Internet 200 times a day, looking for a house, any house that was in our price range, in a decent area… and nothing.

Thanksgiving came and went.
We started to get antsy.

Christmas came and went.
The stir-craziness was at an all-time high.

Yet, we still had a peace, the BEST was yet to come.

… The piping kettle bows to the mug and waiting tea bag…

Last Friday, Bryan and I had a date day. My folks graciously offered to watch the boys so we could patrol neighborhoods. Four hours later, we were tired, cranky, and discouraged. Looking out the window, I muttered something about wanting to drive by a cute home, where a sweet man would be hammering a For Rent sign in the grass. He’d smile, and welcome us in, and we’d share a latte, and the rest would be history.

Bryan interrupted my ramblings and mentioned dinner. Thankfully pasta and an overabundance of cheese solves all problems, and we came home determined.

As we laid in bed that night, Bryan, half-asleep, handed me his phone, where I could barely make out a cute home for rent in Huntington Beach.

Side note: For those of you who know me, and if you don’t, know this: I don’t waste time. If there’s something to be done, I’m on it. It can be a bit obsessive 🙂 There was actually a college class, Beginnings, that all freshmen were required to take, and it was centered around  StrengthsFinder. It’s basically a test that determines each individual’s strengths and how to better use them. Woo was my #1, the description noting, Impatient for Action… so there you have it!

So there I am, attempting to email this guy about his house, and the keypad on Bry’s phone is shrinking by the minute, and I’m so tired, that I’m sure my words came out in jumble, something about cute boys, and making it a home, and baking brownies

And in a wink, it was Saturday morning, and we were there. Sitting in front of the Huntington Beach house. A slap-stick silly grin on our faces.

We walked up to the porch, noting the freshly planted white flowers, the screen door welcoming us in.

It felt right. More than right.
The room, the yard, the tiny vertical cupboard in the kitchen that holds baking sheets.

And the owner, well, we felt right at home with him too. A long-lost friend, catching up, in an empty house.

He told us that just the night before, he was hammering the sign in the lawn, and …

The perfect cup!

And here, we thought we’d live on Flower St. That was good.

We received the call last night. Out of 20 applicants, our family was at the top of his list.
Welcome home.

Cindy Lane.
Our new street.
One that’s been prayed for, waited on, and believed in.

And come Saturday, Cindy Lane will be met by our family.

A month-long post, coming full circle!

Cheers to a perfect cup of God’s BEST!

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