2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Baking: Gingerbread Men

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Last year was the First Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day with Tanner and Mana {Bry’s mom}
They dipped Oreos in chocolate, and engulfed the chocolate with peppermint pieces.
I think the cookies were eaten that very day!
In honor of the 2nd Annual Cookie Baking Day {cuz I’m a tradition-at-heart-kinda-gal}, we celebrated Β at her home in Encinitas.
Cookie Baking Goal: Gingerbread Men
First things first, putting on the Cookie Taster apron
Tanner couldn’t wait to help
Side by side, both wearing their slippers
Rolling out the dough on powdered sugar {I learned that gingerbread dough on powdered sugar makes the cookies taste sweeter, and keeps the molasses color, as opposed to using flour}
Laying each gingerbread man on a Silpat, Tanner took a straw and put a hole at the top of the head {to later put ribbon through}
Here, Tanner did great, but some innocent gingerbread men were poked multiple times in their noggins, ending their fates as cute gingerbread men.
Rolling out the dough on powdered sugar {best if chilled}
Helping press the cookie cutter in the dough
Gingerbread men laying next to one another, before being baked
I’m not quite sure what happened to the poor skinny guy in the middle!
Being a team
He’s a great ‘Cookie Taster!’ πŸ™‚
Loving every minute of it!
Gingerbread angel
Mana showing him how to use the spatula and put the gingerbread man on the cookie sheet
They are ready for the oven
Evidence of a fun baking afternoon
Out of the oven, cooled, and T is decorating “our family”
Easy frosting-decorating hint: place frosting in a small plastic ziplock, cut a small hole in the corner, and squeeze
“I did it!”
Having already devoured mine, the rest of our family remains ~ the one on the left is Bryan, and on the right, Ty
Please make note that the large frosting glob is Bryan’s “tummy” HA!!!
And there you have it~ the cutest gingerbread man ever! Perfect to eat, or hang on the tree.
Or both!
2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day was quite a success, and yummy too!
Thanks Mom!

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