It’s an Orange Circle kinda Friday!

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Family Fun Fridays.
We live for them.
It’s Bryan’s day off, and our day as a family to have adventures.
Some Fridays, we lounge in our pj’s and hang out at home. Others, we leave after breakfast, for a day of fun!
I love Fridays.
And today, we went to the Orange Circle, one of our favorite spots ever!
The Orange Fountain featured a giant Santa. Bryan showed Tanner an up-close view of the Jolly Man!
Ty was attempting to pull the huge ornaments off the tree~ not sure what he wanted to do with them, but he was quite determined {my strong-willed lil’ munch!}
Lunch destination: The Filling Station {thank you Groupon for offering $30 worth of food, for $15!}
I’ve learned to never go without a handful of crayons. Entertainment for at least 30 minutes~ perfect distraction while we wait for food, or ride in the car. I keep them in a small bag in my purse.
And Ty enjoys playing with a toy jet. If only you could hear all the boy noises he makes. People were literally laughing at him, while he crashed the jet again and again on the table 🙂
It was a brisk, chilly day. Perfect for sweaters and hoodies! We walked around the Circle after lunch, browsing the storefronts, cupping a warm cup of Chai, and window shopping. Of course we stopped at Country Roads, my favorite Antique Mall in North Orange County.
How cute is this? Hanging hand mirrors! Adorable idea in a bathroom.
I have an old frame that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. When I saw this, I thought, “Yes!” Burlap background is the perfect solution. If you look closely, you can see sparkles on the burlap. I may need to do some investigating and figure out how to do that! So fun!
We drove home, Christmas music singing on the radio, our hearts content, and our tummies full.
What a wonderful Family Friday!

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