Unexpected Encouragement

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My mom, being the gift-giver that she is, brought over an adorable green onesie for Ty declaring, WHAT HAPPENS AT GRANDMA’S, STAYS AT GRANDMA’S, along with a treat for Tanner, a delectable snack in the form of chocolate for me, and I’m sure something else that I can’t recall at the moment… simply because her love language is gift-giving and it brings her so much stinkin’ joy! Thanks mom!

Later that week, Ty was sporting his new onesie and I was absentmindedly changing his typical third poopy diaper of the morning. And it wasn’t even 9am.
Snap. Snap. Snap. I undid the three buttons and reached for the diaper. Ready to lift his chubby Ty doopa {that’s what we lovingly call the booty in our home} and slide the clean diaper underneath. And then I saw something. And I stared. And then leaned in closer. And stared more. And my mouth opened in a small O… and then tears dropped. Little waterfall trails down my cheeks that kept coming. This is what I saw…
you are doing a great job!
just thought you should know it
It was the most unexpected, encouraging, precious sight. And I stood there, holding Ty’s plump legs in the air and cried. And smiled. It was a pure gift. The perfect words at the least suspecting moment. Another diaper change. Another mindless task. But it left a mark on me at that moment, and for the remainder of the day.
I am doing a great job. I am doING A GREAT JOB. I AM DOING A GREAT JOB.
Well, thank you, lil’ onesie for making my day.
Amazing how a couple of words can leave such an impression. All day I beamed. I was doing a great job.
Go on nature walk with boys. I am doing a great job.
Get Tanner a snack and Ty some puffs to munch on. I am doing a great job.
Change another diaper. Take Tanner potty. I am doing a great job.
Fix lunch. More mustard please. Fix bottle. More food please. Wipe faces. Wash hands.
I am doing a great job.
It was incredible how suddenly the smallest, everyday details of my day came into focus and were valuable. Intentional. Because the little details are important when I do them for people I love, especially my boys.
And it got me thinking… I want unexpected, encouraging words written on my clothes! I mean, how great would it be to slip on a sweater with the words, YOU ARE CREATIVE AND INSPIRING stitched on the hem? Or step into a pair of pants and read YOU MAKE THE WORLD BETTER JUST BY BEING YOU on the inseam.
Words are a powerful force. They have the ability to make our days shine, or shatter our moods. And if a silly onesie can remind me that whatever I am doing is great, how much more can verbal words, written words, a small hug, or intentional smile mean to someone else?!
Every day someone pops into my mind. A friend just had a baby. Someone’s hubby had a job interview. Her kids are at home sick. We all have people in our lives with something going on. So I’ll make a dinner, and bring it over, and hold that little joy, and congratulate the parents. I’ll call to say I’m praying for direction for them, and am eager to hear the outcome. I’ll offer to give my mom friend a break so she can get errands done, so the sickies don’t have to venture out. I’ll encourage, validate, listen, hug, smile….
Try it. The next occasion someone comes to mind, pick up the phone. Pen a thoughtful note and pop it in the mail. Simply let that person know you are thinking of them. I guarantee it will leave an unexpected encouragement in their day.
In the meantime, I’m stitching those words on every article of clothing. Every sock. Scarf. Every tank top. Pj’s and undies…
you are doing a great job!
just thought you should know it

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