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Recently I found myself saying these three phrases way too often: “I’m tired.” “I’m done.” “I’m frustrated.” I was tired because I’m way too much of a night-owl, and Bryan and I often have our best talks {couch dates} til late, or, we are catch up on our favorite shows… does anyone else cry at every episode of Parenthood? 🙂 And, going to bed at midnight, and getting up at 6am to our precious little morning boys does not make a funBekah. Which leads to the often quoted, “I’m done” and/or “frustrated.” Needless to say, I’ve made some changes, because only I am in charge of how I manage my time, view the day, and whether or not I’m getting adequate sleep.

And the physical, spiritual and mental changes I’m intentionally making are these:
~ I’m protecting my days at home more. I tend to be the opposite of the stay-at-home-mom and am always out having adventures with the boys and friends, but recently I notice if Ty gets his morning nap at home, he’s a happier Ty. Sure, I get a bit antsy, but Tanner and I take nature hikes in the back, or make cookies for someone. Being home every other day helps me get things done around the home that otherwise get neglected. It’s better on my soul when we have our “down days” at home.
~ I’m power-walking, doing Pilotes at home, and cutting back on dessert {don’t gasp in shock, I’m just cutting back, not giving up my desserts altogether… goodness, that would be the end of the world!} I love the way I sleep better after exercising, how my muscles feel the “good” sore, and the increase in energy is priceless. And yes, the occasional Kinect Dance-off with my sister-n-law is a workout too! When I walk, I choose places that feel like a mini vacation: beautiful parks, the beach, places with overhanging trees and grass hills as far as the eye can see… being in nature does wonders for my soul. And where better than to talk with God, and walk, and listen, than in His creation?
~ I’m putting more things on the coffee table, so to speak. Bryan and I heard this analogy a couple of months ago about “putting things on the coffee table” when communicating with someone else. The idea is that the coffee table is a safe place to throw words, thoughts, remarks and not react to them right away. Later, I can go back and pick those things up from the coffee table and choose what is truth and what is not. This has done wonders for my marriage, communicating with family, and for my own confidence. Instead of letting every word penetrate me, I now park it on the table and think about it, instead of simply reacting. It’s taught me to clarify the intent of one’s words, and choose how to handle it from there. A simple analogy with life-changing results! There is such freedom in communication when things are put on the coffee table.
~ I make it a priority to go through a book with a friend, grab coffee, make dinner, whatever it be, but with a life-giving friend once a week or every other week! Friendships are a gift and when I spend time in the presence of others who value God’s grace, speak truth, sharpen my character, I naturally become a healthier me.
~ I read a lot. If I had a free day to myself, you would find me at the beach, book in hand, ice tea in the other, immersed in pages… I can hear angels singing at just the thought of it. Reading is heaven. I’m going to add a new aspect to my blog and do book reviews, but at the moment I’m reading, Heaven is for Real, Bittersweet and The Girl Who Played With Fire… all different, and thought-provoking, and fabulous. Not only does this challenge me to grow and learn, but it’s good me time to unwind.
~ I’m not making decisions based on guilt, obligation or “shoulds”, but instead on adventures, teaching moments, refreshing times, and fun! This means saying ‘no’ at times and being confident in that no, and saying yes to the moments that matter.
~ For now, those are the changes that I’m making. As well as little ones, like using Grapeseed oil, and trying tinted
moisturizer instead of powder. And giving that boxed make- your- own Macaroni Grill Dinner at home a try. Oh, and I’m trying to say ‘yes’ more instead of ‘yea.’ I’m thinking it will help me sound more like a grown-up! I am still working on the going-to-bed- thing earlier but that’s okay… couch dates with Bry, an episode of Parenthood, and frozen cookie dough ball in hand are sometimes worth the tired mornings! And erasing the phrases, “I’m done,” and “I’m frustrated,” are good changes indeed!

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