Pretty Snobby!

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I had a Pretty Woman moment today… no, I didn’t sing Prince in the tub, or attend a Polo match and stomp on the divots {although I did do that recently and it’s quite fabulous}. Bryan did not save me from a life of prostitution. But, Julia, I feel ya! Today I was you in the Rodeo store. Okay, it wasn’t on Rodeo, but the Brea Mall is close. A children’s boutique there {which shall remain nameless, although one of the names brings to mind a nursery rhyme about fetching a pail of water…} carries darling, one-of-a-kind apparel. It’s a good thing we don’t have a daughter, or I’m afraid I would do some serious damage there.
The goal was to find something perfect for the boys for Drew and Jeniece’s wedding in June… images of khaki and a cute skinny tie danced in my head. After picking out some linen shorts, a light blue button down shirt for Tanner, and an adorable denim onesie with wooden buttons for Ty, I eagerly brought them to the counter. And I was met with snobbery! The saleslady looked down her nose at lil’ old me in disgust. Apparently I didn’t select enough clothes to make her day worthwhile, or her bad-news boyfriend broke up with her on her lunch-break, because she was not excited to be there. Maybe I didn’t give off the money vibe. Of maybe my two lil guys and hubby and I all look very normal. Maybe because I bought items on sale. Or because I was paying with Merchandise Credit… whatever it was, apparently I was making her day worse. Especially when I asked if I could order Ty’s outfit in a bigger size, which the store was out of, and nearly had a mild heart attack when I learned shipping was $9! That’s two Bean drinks! Gasp! And I certainly couldn’t use my Merchandise Credit to order it online, only a Gift Card could be put toward online purchases… really, who does this? The better part of me held my tongue against walking down the hall and asking a Nordy’s Managaer to come back to the store with me and teach her a little customer service etiquette….
So Julia, I’m sorry for how those women treated you. They should have known better. You just wanted a dress, you poor thing. And I just wanted a pleasant shopping experience at a place that is apparently way out-of-my-league, but once-in-a-while is really fun to visit and perhaps even buy something for my little men, with my, should I say it out loud, Merchandise Credit! Goodness, even if the money tree I planted, did bloom dollar bills, I would not shell $59 out for a shirt for my son who will outgrow it by next week! Lesson learned: treat others nicer than how I want to be treated. It goes a long way!
When I become disgustingly wealthy, I plan on marching in that little children’s store, better yet, just popping my head in, the one that will be adorned with a huge, wide brimmed hat, and shaking my finger at them and say, “Big mistake, HUGE!” Thank you, for those wise words, Julia! And then I’ll make my way around the corner with my two boys and head to Nordy’s where they can choose whatever they want. As long as it’s on sale 🙂

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  1. that is too funny!! was it the older woman who works there? she is a snob!! but the younger ones have always seemed friendly!

    love you!

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