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NOTHING makes me happier than hanging out with my hubby, my boys, fabulous friends, decorating, planning events or eating dessert. The ideal day would encompass all!
So in honor of all the dessert-eating I do, I’m giving a lil’ shout-out love to my favorite dessert spots…
You can’t go wrong at Claim Jumper’s…. ever! Our first year of marriage, we lived in downtown Brea, way too close to a Claim Jumper, and at least twice a week ended up eating an obscene amount of dessert in one sitting! There’s too many options, but I have to say my ultimate favorite dessert is a toss-up between the
Heath Cookie Sandwich
Two warm heath bar cookies, with vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between, drizzled with carmel, hot fudge and topped with more crushed heath bar! Complete with whipped cream!
Chocolate Chip Calzone
Pizza dough layered with semi-sweet and white chocolate chips inside, rolled, baked, then drizzled with chocolate sauce and paired with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. An easy and large- party dessert that we often make at home!
Mosey on over to Corner Bakery and I’ll be devouring a
Chocolate Baby Bundt Cake
Pair this with a cup of their Hazelnut Coffee and call it a night!
Don’t pass up their Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pie that debuts come fall
And I can’t forget Rutabegorz, a favorite date spot. There are several locations, but Bry and I love the Orange Circle, where we can sit outside on the patio, walk the antique stores after, and throw pennies in the fountain!
Their Apple Pie a la mode is the best I’ve ever had!
Happy Dessert-eating. You know where to find me 🙂

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