Oh Sophie!

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I woke up to a whack across the face from a giraffe! Yep, that silly Sophie giraffe that apparently all the stars have, the one that Ty received as a gift, and I mistook for a dog toy, and somehow Bruiser got the same memo and always managed to find Sophie and run around the house with the poor animal in his mouth…. yep, that Sophie!
Ty finally decided after almost 6 months to sleep through the night.. how generous of him, I know. Nonetheless, he did. So we awoke at 6:45am to happy shrieks from our lil hedgehog. At the same moment, Tanner came in our room for his morning ritual of announcing, “I have to go POTTY!” So Bry plopped Ty baby next to me for a snuggle sess, and took our oldest into the bathroom.
And that’s when I was whacked. Darn giraffe. Ty was waving it at 50 mph in half circles from side to side and to the left of him just happened to be my face. The thing is I couldn’t move. I was mesmerized watching our littlest man get so much joy from beating the heck out of poor Sophie. Forget the teething utensil this animal is supposed to provide, it’s a baby bat in Ty’s opinion.
So thank you Sophie. I know you are marketed to visually stimulate children and offer a rubbery affect for little teething mouths, but in our house, you are now a fabulous grip for Ty’s hands, and on the off-chance he can steal it from those strong sausage fingers, Bruiser’s new chew toy! I’m sure the squeak has something to do with it!

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