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One of the most intimate decisions I make is to invite people into our home.
Our home is where we love one another well (and sometimes not-so-well), raise our boys, have the deepest heart-conversations, and the hardest fights. Home is where we can be ourselves at the core.
I love entertaining and having people over. I love helping Bryan cook while I bake the dessert. I love trying out new recipes on trusting friends and creating a comfortable space for others to come and relax. Please excuse the dirty baseboards and the laundry piled in our comfy, leather reading chair… it’s us, and it’s our home.
So come on in… I’d love to show you around!

One of my passions is decorating… I love a good find, and even more so, to find the perfect way to display it. When we were first married, I began creating a picture wall. At first, only pictures of Bryan and I, along with our favorite pieces of art adorned the wall, but now, almost seven years later, family pictures fill frames.
Our newly re-designed dining room where the entertaining and fun begins.
Current books that rest on our side table. A quick read while the boys are napping does wonders to my soul.
When we lived in Templeton, I had my favorite stores, one of them Reminisce, where the owner, Jeannie, and I developed a quick friendship. It was in Jeannie’s store that I discovered my love for birdcages, screen doors and windows. Every home needs an obnoxiously large birdcage!
My long-time friend, it’s traveled each place we call home- my favorite glass-paneled door rests on the landing. An antiqued bird vase holds cheerful flowers behind the panes.
Some of my favorite decor details…
Pillows! My mom and I found the material at Big Y Yardage in Orange and made these pillows. Big Y carries unique patterns and textured yardage. Fun buttons are a must! The funky abalone button was a find at an antique shop at The Circle in Orange.
Hanging on the wall is a chalkboard where I display our dinner menus and encouraging quotes. Above, a dried herb bouquet I snagged at Little Italy’s Farmer’s Market in San Diego during our 6th anniversary!
These cheerful chefs stand on my kitchen counter near the window: a vintner, a baker, and a bread man… I’m especially fond of the chef holding the wine bottles 🙂
This sign says it all… thank you Megan! Best gift ever!
I’m obsessed with apple green and it thoughtfully adds “pop” to my kitchen’s color palette! The shell salt and pepper shakers make flavoring any meal that much more fun!
Thanks for letting me share a glimpse of our home with you. If you need a place to relax, come on over. The door is always open!

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  1. I am loving the new dining area! What did you do with the space where the table used to be!? I love your house- and your decorating style! I should have you come over and help me make our house more like a home 🙂

  2. Your home looks warm, inviting, and beautiful. A perfect echo of the woman behind its charm. You have truly been blessed and I am so very happy for you! 🙂

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