A Lil Spritz!!

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Every once in a while I go into my bedroom upstairs and take alil spritz of perfume. My perfumes sit atop a sterling silver vintage plate that I found at a darling antique store inAtascadero, which I love for all my fabulous finds, but mostly the stores name, The Cottage. I have about 3 or 4 fragrances which are my go-tos: Romance by Ralph Lauren, Beauty by Kate Spade and my newest fave, Very Hollywood by MichaelKors. Please don’t judge me that I own a perfume with the name Hollywood in it… I’m a bit embarrassed too, but quickly get over it when I smell the fabulous-ness of it, and suddenly all is right in the world and my sons nap for 5 hours a day, and people offer to pay me gobs of money to plan their parties and I have flawless skin. Yes, it’s that amazing!

So I spritz occasionally… like when I just got urped up on by Ty’s pea, pear and rice cereal extravaganza, or if I just marathoned through Target and did all my grocery, household, and birthday- card purchases for the month, only to drive home to unloaded the car, both boys, diaper bag, purse, water, sippy cup…. yes, I spritz! It’s my little escape. A splash of Romance or Beauty or… ahem, Very Hollywood makes my soul fresh and happy for just that moment. And in that moment, I’m not a crazy mom that maybe hasn’t washed her hair in 5 days, I’m a professional that has sassy heels on and carries a small purse!
I recently watched House Hunters International, partly because I love seeing how many toilets are in the international bathrooms and also, because I love to hate the people that can afford a vacation home in Bali or Thailand. On this particular show, the couple was looking for a second home in Italy. I know, it would be tragic to own a second house in Italy! The wife was very specific about wanting a place that had a bathroom large enough to accommodate her perfume collection! She prided herself on owning thousands of perfumes, so many in fact, that she never wore the same perfume twice! “I don’t want to be known as a woman with a specific perfume scent,” she stated! So they scoured all of Italy for the ideal bathroom, with enough space to hold her obnoxious collection of tiny perfume bottles.
I am the opposite… I want to be known by my perfume scent. I want to be recognizable. Constant. Dependable. There are enough changes in daily life that I like knowing at any given time of day, when I reach for my perfumes perched on the silver tray, I know what I’m going to get. And I aim to be that way in life as well. Constant. Dependable. That when others see me, they aren’t surprised. I strive to be a safe spritz, even if I smell Very Hollywood 🙂

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  1. I so enjoy reading your blog friend! I appreciate your transparency and your willingness to be open and vulnerable. So thank you for writing- it definitely brightens my day and makes me feel like I am getting to spend time with you even when our schedules are too crazy to do so in person! Love you!

  2. You are such an inspirational and talented writer. I love to read your posts! You are missed on the Central Coast my friend! I hope I can see you next month when we are down south!

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