Ode to Intentionality

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I’m giddy! Beyond! Like I’m 5 and discovering Disneyland for the first time! My dear friend Annette came up yesterday to play, which really means we sat on the couch cupping warm drinks and talking in fast-forward, while our boys thoroughly enjoyed uprooting my freesia bulbs and covering themselves in black soil… and then the creativity began!
Annette has an amazing gift of design- she can take boring Ball jars and make magic. Truly! The intent of our day together, beyond letting the boys entertain themselves and divulging our latest life realizations, was to redecorate my home. And redecorate we did!
But something else happened in me aside from feeling like I won Home Makeover… I was inspired to be intentional. Intentional about doing what I’m passionate about. Intentional about kissing my husband when he walks in the door. Intentional about getting on the floor and playing pirates with Tanner. Intentional about taking risks even when it scares my in-the-box knowledge. So I’m going to be intentional about this creativity that is swimming around inside my brain and heart, and I don’t know where it will take me, but I don’t want to watch life pass me by without saying that I tried, although I was scared, but that I gave it all I had…
Try it. Be intentional. Ask yourself what brings you joy. What passions drive you? Then do it. Pray about it and purse it. Once I see things through an intentional lens, it’s the wide camera angle that comes into focus.
Focus on others.
About what God is teaching me.
Focus on eating healthy.
Focus on my family…
What will you intentionally focus on? I guarantee it will make you giddy!

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