Kids say the darnest things!

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I am constantly entertained by my 2 year old, Tanner, also known as “T”- aren’t we efficient? 🙂 Not only is he a compulsive door closer, but he now loves to do laundry, thanks to my mom!

Yep, he takes all his dirty clothes out of the hamper, carries them downstairs and informs me that it is “time to do laundry!” Yes sir! So together we grab every dirty article of clothing in the house, and one by one, put it in the washing machine, add soap and determinedly march inside and await the amazing next step of the dryer! This has become a daily ritual, not because I have heaps piled in every corner, but because T gets so muchstinkin’ joy out of it!

While eating lunch today he asked me to “please be quiet” because his vitamin “was taking a nap in his mouth.” This past week I came downstairs to find him feeding his dolphin on the glider chair. Yes, he literally had his shirt up, dolphin on his back and was “feeding him.” Great! Good thing the kid is not in school- I would definitely be getting a call from his teacher.
And later, when having a minor meltdown, I apparently told him that “mommy needed a break,” which he later tattled to my hubby that, “Dad, mommy just needs a break.”
So this is why I am constantly entertained and in awe of our oldest son. Having kids has been the perfect excuse to play at the park, eat pb&J and have way more snuggle sessions while watching Mary Poppins.
I truly have so much to learn from his genuine joy, energy and trust in everyone! I have to daily remind myself to not get caught up in the “shoulds” around home- the dusting, cleaning, tidying, and yes, even laundry- I have two precious boys that need a good wrestle 🙂

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