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It’s been a while, but I’m back to blogging. Not that I ever stopped blogging… in my head that is. It was getting my brain out on the computer that never happened! I recently asked a friend if they have invented something that connects one’s blogging thoughts directly to a blog, but apparently it has yet to be invented. Yet. So I’m back. And realize I need to blog- it’s my outlet, my escape, my sanity, and probably saves my husband many hours of listening to my random thoughts, dessert cravings, and “ooh, did you see that fabulous birdcage atHomegoods- where could we hang it?”

And it’s silly really, I mean there are millions of blogs out there, and probably my mom and friend Tay are the only ones who will read this, but that’s okay. It’s more for me- a place to relax on paper and embrace everyday moments!
Take tonight for example- Tommy, Heather and their lil’ daughter Maddie stopped by for the day. Stopped by has such a false ring because unfortunately they live 7 hours away and “stopping by” isn’t an everyday reality. But when it happens, it’s good! The day went a lil something like huge hugs, oohing over baby Ty, watching Tanner and Maddie check each other out, which led to Maddie asking Tanner if he wanted to take a bath with her (oh yes, she did!), our hubbies discovering Trader’s Vintage Ale, gnocchi dinner, laughing when the kids did take a bath together and Tanner attempted to turn his Elmo hand-towel into a puppet that wanted to eat Maddie’s hair, and ended with Candy Cane Tea and more hugs!
We were laughing about how quickly our kiddos are growing up and how sobering it is that we so quickly forget them as babies. Tommy made a profound point about making himself take a mental snapshot of Maddie as a baby and tuck it away, only to pull it out later for nostalgia’s sake.
I need to do that more often- take mental snapshots… of my hubby when he gets home from work and is greeted by our overjoyed Tanner, Ty’s six-week old coos and dimpled smiles, the burnt orange color the trees wear as fall beckons winter, the chocolate all over our families face as we devour freshly made cookies… these are the moments I want to cling to, because that’s what makes life so perfectly present!

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  1. So glad you’re back to blogging! As we flirt with thirty…I’m often reminded to take a moment and stop rushing around to soak in the moments I’ll fondly try and recall as we sit around the nursing home while our teeth soak in Efferdent. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!
    Love you friend,

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